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            Main Business

            Aerodynamic Technology

            The pattern of development of aerodynamic major works has been gradually transformed into a pattern by research, design, optimization, evaluation that drive actively the model to develop instead of

            Special Flight Vehicle

            CH UAV system can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, shot calibration, data relay, electronic warfare, telemetry, geological exploration, ocean inspection. The system possesses self

            Envirormental Engineering

            Main Achievements 1、2 × 320t/h units CFB boiler desulfurization project in Sinopec Yanshan Branch 2、2 × 200MW units flue gas desulfurization project in China Huaneng Group (CHNG

            Measurement Technology

            Measurement and control industry has formed an ability of development to series of new products, many new areas instead of to a single product. Industrial scale is unceasingly rich, and recent

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